Lucid Studios provides manufacturing and rental services for costumes, clothing, and props for film, television, museums, and fashion houses worldwide. 

We specialize in:


Specialty Costume Fabrication


Custom Fabric Printing


Laser Cutting


Leather Work

Orange Carpet Kid Who Would Be King.png

Set Design / Set Dec


Special Make-up Effects


As well as:


Design Consultation

Sometimes an idea hasn't fully hatched. Or, perhaps, a vision is realized but the next step in construction or material is elusive. Lucid Studios is here to help. With an exceptional team of skilled artists and incredible resource knowledge, Lucid Studios can turn any concept into a detailed construction plan.



Designs in hand, we will bring your project from paper to reality. We do all of our patterning and prototypes in house so that every nuance of the design is adhered to. At Lucid Studios, we believe that the initial mock-up or prototype is the most important aspect of the creative process. A perfect sample is where our communication with the design team gets fine tuned, and we clarify the artistic vision.


Quantity Manufacturing

After a perfect sample is achieved, Lucid Studios is able to make multiples from small quantities to manufacturing scale. Our eyes always on the sample, we pride ourselves on making clones that rival the initial build and that exceed expectations.